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Food Diversity

Grant Highlight | Beverly Bryan Community Orchard

One of our 2018 Biodiversity Grand Awardees was The City of Wyoming Tree Commission; “The Tree Amigos”. They did an outstanding job of researching their project to provide the West Michigan community with more heirloom variety trees there were sustainably sourced. This project is directly impacting the devolopment and education of students in food insecure areas…

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Einkorn: Wheat As Nature Intended

SFWM Einkorn Flour

Wheat is getting a bad rap these days. With gluten sensitivity on the rise and fad diets encouraging folks to give up grains entirely, it is increasingly difficult for consumers to make educated decisions concerning their food choices. While there are nutritional benefits to fresh bread, either homemade or from a bakery, what can be…

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Sovengard: A Grand Rapids Snail Blazer!

Sovengard Biergarten

Exciting News: 2018 Snail Blazer award was bestowed upon The Sovengard. What is the Snail Blazer? This is the first of an annual award granted to a leader in the farm-to-table community whose dedication to sustainability and to transforming the food system captures the spirit of Slow Food. When choosing a Snail Blazer we look…

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Slow Food Nations 2018 Recap

slow food nations 2018

I knew Slow Food Nations would be a party, and not a party that was lacking in libations. The decorations hung over Larimer Street in downtown Denver, Colorado made this clear. Bright colors were everywhere and gaggles of people moved leisurely through the avenues, stopping to chat, sample, and connect. What I didn’t realize was…

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2017 Biodiversity Grant Spotlight | Plainsong Farm

Plainsong Farm Heirloom Wheat

Plainsong Farm received the 2017 Biodiversity Micro-Grant to grow and distribute a 1⁄4 acre of heirloom Turkey Red wheat. During the Spring and Summer seasons they prepared the planting area with selective tilling to kill weeds and create an ideal seedbed. In late September the farm had a wheat planting event where 29 volunteers helped to plant 35…

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2017 Micro-Grant Awardees Announced

schuler farms garlic

Preserving biodiversity is critical to protecting our ecosystems and ensuring the security of our local food system. We are so thankful for your support and donations that allow us to support local growers and promote biodiversity on their farms through the Biodiversity Micro-Grant. We are grateful to all of the outstanding applications we received from local farmers.…

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2016 Event: Harmony Hall Nose to Tail Beer Pairing Dinner

On April 24th, 2016 the Slow Food West Michigan community gathered together at Harmony Hall for an exceptional 5-Course dinner with Provision Family Farms pork.   Harmony Hall is a champion of nose-to-tail cuisine and well known for locally crafted brew and passionate dedication to supporting local, sustainable purveyors.  A portion of the proceeds went to…

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2016 Volunteer Days

Slow Food West Michigan had a very productive 2016 Volunteer Day Series! If you want to stay up to date on upcoming volunteer opportunities, contact us today to join our volunteer mailing list! May 19th we had the pleasure of working with the team at Urban Roots. Volunteers were able to help set up trellising and plant…

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2016 Event: Annual Lubber’s Family Farm Potluck

On June 3rd, 2016 the Slow Food West Michigan community gathered at Lubber’s Family Farm for our Annual Slow Food Mixer.   Lubbers Family Farm is a family owned picturesque farm nestled along the Grand River in West Michigan. Sustainable agricultural practices have been their guiding principles since 1995. The farm is home to Little Rooster…

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2016 Event: Artisanal Cheese, Tapas, & Cider Pairing

On August 20th, 2016 the Slow Food West Michigan community took a road trip to enjoy the next big thing in the local food and beverage tasting scene. Virtue Cider hosted a Artisanal Cheese, Tapas, & Cider Pairing Fundraiser.     Attendees were able to enjoy a proper farmhouse cider making and tasting, as well…

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