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Simmer some soup. It’s simple!

Simmer some soup

In preparation for this blog post, I took the farm-store ham-hock out of the freezer. After assuaging my soft heart with the knowledge that the pig in question lived a happy life except for one day, I set my mind on bean soup. I am no gourmet by any means. My grown children are happy…

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Einkorn: Wheat As Nature Intended

SFWM Einkorn Flour

Wheat is getting a bad rap these days. With gluten sensitivity on the rise and fad diets encouraging folks to give up grains entirely, it is increasingly difficult for consumers to make educated decisions concerning their food choices. While there are nutritional benefits to fresh bread, either homemade or from a bakery, what can be…

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Volunteer Day at Earthkeeper Farm

The sun was hot but a cool breeze mitigated some of its effect as we bent over the rows of reedy garlic plants. Rachelle, the owner of Earthkeeper Farm, a USDA Organic and Snail of Approval certified farm in Kent City, MI, had already gone through the rows and “forked” them, loosening the soil around…

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Book Club Favorites

Slow Food West Michigan Book Club

We hope that you are able to carve out a bit of time to enjoy some of the books listed below. These are some of our book club favorites. Educating on food sustainability, cooking techniques, conviviality, and more! A random selection of books we have read so far: Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating…

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