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Food Diversity

2016 Event: Amore Trattoria’s Summer Harvest Dinner

On July 28th, 2016 the Slow Food West Michigan community gathered together at Ed Dunneback & Girls Farm for a slow food inspired dinner from Amore Trattoria.            We enjoyed summer’s best fruits and veggies from one of the areas best Italian restaurants at a favorite farm of theirs. Ed Dunneback and Girls Farm is…

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Interview with Melissa Shields from Reserve

My mom was in town and she wanted wine.  True, we live in Beer City USA, but Grand Rapids has a lot to offer besides its favorite glutinous beverage.  We walked downtown on a hot summer day to snack and quench our thirst at Reserve Wine and Food. I have never had anything less than…

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2016 Micro-Grant Awardees Announced

Preserving biodiversity is critical to protecting our ecosystems and ensuring the security of our local food system. We are so thankful for your support and donations that allow us to support local growers and promote biodiversity on their farms through the Biodiversity Micro-Grant. We are grateful to all of the outstanding applications we received from local farmers.…

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Wild Mitten Honeybee Co-op

Bees are an integral part of our food system. Yet, in recent years, disturbing things have happened to bees.  Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a mysterious disease that decimates entire hives, has become rampant in our bee populations. Scientists theorize that this is due to increased pesticide use, mono-cultures, and the way bees are treated in…

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2015 Biodiversity Micro-Grant Awardees

We are thrilled to announce the awardees for the Biodiversity Micro-Grants! Thanks to your support and donations to Slow Food West Michigan, we are able to locally fund this awesome program. Schuler Farms will be growing an heirloom variety of potato called Laratte French Fingerling. “This particular variety is rare and sought after by many…

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Book Club Favorites

Slow Food West Michigan Book Club

We hope that you are able to carve out a bit of time to enjoy some of the books listed below. These are some of our book club favorites. Educating on food sustainability, cooking techniques, conviviality, and more! A random selection of books we have read so far: Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating…

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Encourage Biodiversity

Thank you Local First for featuring an article about our Biodiversity Micro Grant! “Slow Food West Michigan recently announced the recipients of its inaugural Biodiversity Micro-Grants. The grants provide funding to small-scale farmers cultivating heirloom varieties and heritage breeds, and are in the amount of $200 to $500. Slow Food strives to preserve our food…

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