Sovengard: A Grand Rapids Snail Blazer!

Sovengard Biergarten

Exciting News: 2018 Snail Blazer award was bestowed upon The Sovengard.

What is the Snail Blazer?

This is the first of an annual award granted to a leader in the farm-to-table community whose dedication to sustainability and to transforming the food system captures the spirit of Slow Food.

When choosing a Snail Blazer we look to leaders who are going above and beyond. A Snail Blazer takes great pains to honor their Slow Food values while pushing the envelope of what has been done before, all while remaining active in the Slow Food Community.

Why are we awarding the Snail Blazer to Sovengard?

Rick Muschiana of SovengardSovengard has been wildly successful since their opening in 2016, with Rick Muschiana as the co-owner and manager and Patrick Conrade as head chef of SovengardPatrick Conrade as head chef. They have continued to build momentum, blazing a trail to unique, creative food different from what Grand Rapids has seen before. Sovengard builds community, offering something for everyone, whether a relaxing drink with friends, a quick, inexpensive snack, or an elaborate meal.

Furthermore, Sovengard elevates Michigan ingredients, paying homage to Scandinavian food traditions while emphasizing local produce and meats. Seasonality is another consistent value: The menu changes constantly to reflect what is available. They implement pickling and preserving to maximize seasonal produce. Sovengard has been an active member of Slow Food West Michigan, participating in Forkfest, hosting dining days, and helping spread the word about what we do!

The care taken to provide a communal, family feel, a comfortable “hygge” (hoo-gah) atmosphere, and a supportive, quality work environment for employees demonstrates Sovengard’s investment in good, clean, fair food for all!

We are so proud of all of our Snails and honored to be a part of a community with so many important and active players in the good food system. We look forward to elevating the work of other restaurants, farmers, chefs, producers, and stores that honor good, clean, fair food.