• “The defense of food products has always been one of the cornerstones of Slow Food’s activities. From the Ark of Taste, the first Presidia were created, and the Presidia, in turn, gave way to other projects. Increasing the number of products selected for the Ark has become ever more urgent. If the association loses this […]

  • Slow Food believes that by understanding where our food comes from, how it was produced and by whom, adults and children can learn how to combine pleasure and responsibility in daily choices and appreciate the cultural and social importance of food. Our education projects differ from most food education as they are based on the […]

  • Slow Food West Michigan works to support the small farmer, local artisans and preserves cultural food traditions. This is frequently seen via fundraising events that support local non-profits. Local non-profits that we frequently merge efforts with are: Our Kitchen Table Hope Farms Well House SECOM Baxter Community Center Family Network of Wyoming Our focus on […]

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