We’d love to hear from you, but please remember that SFWM is entirely run by volunteers — we don’t have staff to answer phone calls, faxes, or emails, so please be patient.

Before you contact us, please glance over the FAQ. Many of the emails that we receive are related to address changes and billing inquiries, about which SFWM cannot help you (you need to contact SFUSA for those).

Getting in Touch with Slow Food West Michigan

The best way to contact us is via email. The in-box is covered by volunteers, and we’ll try and address your inquiry in a timely manner. Our general email is info@slowfoodwestmichigan.org.

You may also contact any of our Board Officers at any time using the above e-mail address.

  • Cindee Dresen, President
  • Andrea Veldman, Vice President
  • Jessica Sneller, Secretary
  • Connie Flachs, Community Relations Director
  • Sarah LaFleur, Event-Volunteer Coordinator
  • Kay Yoder, Treasurer

Getting in Touch with Slow Food USA

If you need to get in touch with the staff of the Slow Food USA national office about your membership, you can email them at membership@slowfoodusa.org or call them at (718) 260-8000.  Their website is here.