We are always eagerly looking for people to donate their time to help us with a project, event, grant or other worthy causes.  Small or large contributions of volunteer time is appreciated by one and all. If you are interested in helping out now and then, please let us know. Please fill out this short form below and we will keep you updated on any volunteer opportunities coming up.

How Can I Volunteer?

Start by deciding how you want to volunteer, and then fill out the form below. We’ll contact you right away to get started!

Volunteer on a continuing or as needed basis by:

  • Blog Writing:
    • Interviewing local restauranteurs, brewers, farmers, and food artisans to highlight Slow Food efforts within the community.
    • Interview local Snail of Approval awardees to highlight and educate on how a Slow Food focus for their business impacts the community, their employees, and business.
    • Research and write about local food justice issues we are seeing within West Michigan.
    • Research and write educational articles regarding food access, food justice, food production, food preparation, traditional farming practices, and more.
    • Create recipe posts
  • Grant Writing
  • Volunteering at Events & Fundraisers
  • Volunteering during Slow Food Volunteer Days (typically involves hands-on farm work supporting a local Snail of Approval recipient)
  • Website Updates
  • Social Media Support (Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest)
  • Board Memeber
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The in-box is covered by volunteers, and we’ll try and address your inquiry in a timely manner. Our general email is info@slowfoodwestmichigan.org. Sarah LaFleur, our Vice President or Cindee Dresen, our President, will follow-up with you about the details related to the volunteer opportunities you may be interested in.